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What our students say

Since I have started Yoga at Good Karma I have found an Inner Peace and the ability to share my Love, Faith, Compassion, Grace and Forgiveness with all those around me. My hope is to light the path for others as you have for me!

Deb TRetired

The people are friendly even if they don’t know you. The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting.
The instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging.
I loved it!

Gayle J

What a great experience! I would recommend to anyone looking for a place to workout!

Jessica R. Mahrley

Great space and amazing people,
It’s a joy to come to this studio!

Lucy Dorer

Love Deniz . Genuine with her love and shares her positive energy freely. We need more people like her in this world

Jennifer P

Amazing venue.
Great people.
I will definitely be back.

Chris F

Good Karma has benefited me physically, mentally, and spiritually. They have shown me how much of a blessing yoga truly is. In my own life, yoga has brought me a sense of balance and focus, on and off my mat. I have an ocean of gratitude for all of the teachers at Good Karma Yoga Studio because without them I do not know where I would be today.

Jessica Springhetti

I started about three weeks ago. Best decision I’ve ever made. I feel so much better inside and out. Everyone is wonderful. The atmosphere is welcoming and joyful.

Annette Lord

You. Must. Go!!! Try every teacher & each type of yoga class, you won’t regret it!!!

Vonnie Ahlquist MatoLocal school teacher

If you need a good workout and a chance to relax, this is the yoga studio for you. The people that run the studio are experts in yoga. When you enter the studio you will love the darkened room with candlelight that relaxes you the minute you walk in. They play great music. They teach class depending on the experience of the students. They are articulate in teaching the moves and they have many great events. It has a very peaceful effect on me when I take a class. I love when the put essentia…

Kat R

It’s home. I love everyone, teachers and students. Truly authentic, filled with love and peace. Absolutely the best space I have found to practice in!

Jenn P

Love love love this place! a variety of classes, excellent instructors!

Mary Ochalek

It’s all love at Good Karma! I’ve been practicing for about a year and a half just at a Baptiste studio, at home and trying different studios. I had left a class somewhere else knowing I needed to find a place to enhance myself/practice…… well I did it! Whatever you’re looking for from YOUR practice, My recommendation is here at Good Karma.

Rachel D

In the year I turned 60, I had gotten to a place where I was losing my inner peace as well as my inner and outer strength. Good Karma helped me regain it all back. The instructors are top notch; they gently and lovingly guide me to try a little more without force or judgement. They also share great insights that help strengthen both my character and body, and help me find my peace, purpose, and joy.
Thank you, Good Karma!

Lynn Perry

Good Karma Yoga Studio is amazing. The people are wonderful and the atmosphere is so relaxing and inviting. This is my first experience with yoga and I am hooked. Thank you everyone at Good Karma!

Danette M

The staff and instructors are very nice…clean studio.
Great for all levels.

Barbara B

I had started practicing yoga a couple years ago, I fell away from this practice because the studio I was attending no longer became challenging and I lost interest. I started once again in January of this year and am amazed by my growth in the practice. Each class is different and the teachers are truly amazing!!! They instruct, challenge, but never push. I have learned that yoga is as much for the mind as it is for the body through this studio with the help of all of the instructors. I am extr…


Amazing venue.
Great people.
I will definitely be back.

Chris F

Wonderful place to practice yoga. Feels like home

Sharona Lanzetta Foster

This was my favorite class here so far! Jessie made us work hard but also laugh. She was great at explaining when to inhale or exhale with which movements and to me that’s the hardest part. Also had a great playlist 😉

Laura PHartland

$33 New Student Special!

Available to first time students only

Buy It Now