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Good Karma Yoga Studio – 1744 N. Old US 23, Hartland MI. 48843

What our students say

After 10 years of being away from the yoga practice. I started practicing again in January here at Good Karma and am amazed by my growth in yoga. Good Karma offers a variety of classes with each class being unique. The teachers here are truly amazing!!! They instruct and challenge – but never push. I am extremely happy to have found a yoga studio that makes me feel like I am part of a family. Thank you Good Karma!!!

Irene P.S.

You. Must. Go!!! Try every teacher & each type of yoga class, you won’t regret it!!!

Vonnie Ahlquist MatoLocal school teacher

I’ve been taking yoga 101 with Brad, He is very good at breaking down all of the movements and makes you feel very welcomed. I highly recommend this class and studio to anyone who is interested in starting to take yoga.

Ashley Dunn

I’ve NEVER done yoga before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone there was so friendly! It’s one heck of a workout and I’m already plotting out my class schedule.

Lana A

Right when I started coming to GKY, I immediately fell in love with the yoga space and began to see the dark room with peaceful lighting as a sanctuary. The yoga instructors are constantly teaching me techniques that I can use to make my mat a place to be when I need rejuvenation and inspiration. I attend as many Good Karma classes as possible each week to feed my soul and my body. I am learning to take what I have gained off my yoga mat and into my daily life.

Brandy A

I can not say enough good things about Good Karma. The classes are outstanding! Some of the greatest teachers have been trained by the Donna and her staff. Absolutely LOVE Jessie’s vinyasa class!! I leave feeling so great!!

Nicole A Dailey

If you need a good workout and a chance to relax, this is the yoga studio for you. The people that run the studio are experts in yoga. When you enter the studio you will love the darkened room with candlelight that relaxes you the minute you walk in. They play great music. They teach class depending on the experience of the students. They are articulate in teaching the moves and they have many great events. It has a very peaceful effect on me when I take a class. I love when the put essentia…

Kat R

Great space and amazing people,
It’s a joy to come to this studio!

Lucy Dorer

What a great experience! I would recommend to anyone looking for a place to workout!

Jessica R. Mahrley

Great instructors, location and space.

I’m not the best yoga girl out there and this place doesn’t make me feel judged.

It has classes for all levels while exploring different postures.

Elena S

$33 New Student Special!

Available to first time students only

Buy It Now