Good Karma does expire

Starting June 8th
Good Karma Yoga Studio
is going on sabbatical.

We will not be reopening either location.

We are taking a pilgrimage across our great land.

We will no longer be offering online classes.

We have shutdown all payments.

A message from Donna

A message from Brad

Yoga is the way for me. A way for me to stand tall in my own skin, no pun intended…to embrace my passions, to share teachings so we can grow and learn from each other.

Each time we met as a group, a new energy was created. We witnessed and shared growth, triumphs and failures, and failures and triumphs. The studio was a shelter in the storm- a retreat to higher ground, a higher love. We learned to vibrate higher and practice patience instead of perfection. We found we were strong as individuals but as a group we were powerful. We became aware of our own breath and that changes everything. It was miraculous to watch the metamorphosis of so many.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have shared in your lives, and how profoundly you have touched mine.

I am truly blessed you walked the path this far with me. My deepest, most humble gratitude to all of you.

When the shutdown started we knew it was going to be difficult for Good Karma to survive. Each passing week made it less and less likely that we could recover. Each extension of the executive order made the prospects dimmer. Now that the shutdown is drawing to its end we are faced with the reality that Good Karma is not going to continue.

During the shutdown landlords, utilities and many other expenses suspended payments and late fees, which was great. That time has passed and we don’t see a way to catch up with months of unpaid expenses.

We will be forever grateful to those of you who continued your memberships. It was our only source of income for much of the shutdown. You feed us and our family and you can’t know how thankful we are for that.

We are also grateful for those who continue to attend online classes. You have shown us that we can still share Good Karma.

In the near future we will be taking a trip. A retreat, if you will. While we love Good Karma and all of you it is financially demanding and draining on us personally. We’re going to retract for a while to re-center ourselves and re-evaluate our goals. We hope to have as many of you as possible join us on our next journey.

If you would like to sponsor us we have a one time sponsor and recurring sponsorships options coming soon.

We also have business sponsorships available. Where we advertise your company on our vehicle. We will be touring the United States.

Thank you for your love and continued support in any way, energetic and or financial.