“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”  -Mother Teresa

Hello! My name is Yvonne, but everyone always calls me Vonnie. I am the resident blogger for Good Karma <3 I love the idea of writing a blog, but I realized its hard to be informal and personal when I haven’t actually introduced myself or given you a reason to want to read my blog! SO, thank you for your patience as I learn this whole thing!

I have always wanted to be “healthy” but there are so many mixed messages about what that means and how to even do it. I felt like I was floundering around in my early twenties, trying to do what random magazines and books suggested but I wasn’t happy with how I felt or my body. And then, dun da da dun, I found yoga! I was ‘yoga-curious’ for a few years before I got the guts to actually go to a class. I didn’t know what to wear, what I should bring, it seemed so different from the classes at the gym that I was used to. But once I went to my first class, I was hooked! I had to go back. It was love at first flow.

As a beginner, yoga felt uncomfortable and challenging. And I loved it…but as I’ve come to realize, I was “should-ing” on myself! I thought I ‘should’ have the right mat and clothes, I ‘should’ look a certain way or bend farther, etc. My ego was judging and comparing, and that journey inward to shushing my ego and choosing love instead has been what I want to celebrate far and above any bendy goals I’ve achieved. Loving myself exactly as I am has been the deeper, and better, part of my yoga experience for sure!

As a mom of 3 I have had my body change so drastically in the last 6 years. At the time I’m writing this my kiddos are 5, 3, and 9 months. My yoga experience through pregnancy and recovery is something I will save for another post 🙂 But I will say that no matter what body type you have, no matter what you have been through, practicing yoga can heal you from the outside in. I love all yoga classes. Because of my little ones I am also deepening my home practice, which is also another post for another day.

My personal journey into eating well was a rough road. Like most people I wanted to be skinny but I loved food! I really started learning the value of putting the right foods on my plate and in my body when I was pregnant with my first daughter. Talk about a great reason to clean up your diet! I began drinking smoothies, at first for severe morning (aka all-day-long) sickness. But I quickly fell in love with smoothies, and that was the tipping point for me to add in way more fruits and veggies. I am a huge advocate for smoothies now and I really can’t start the day without one! I have never felt better, I am learning more everyday, and I just can’t wait to share!

So I hope you will come along with me on this blogging journey. I love learning all things yoga, natural-living, and wellness.  Writing for you is already a dream come true! I’d love to see you at Good Karma or hear from you in the comments! And come say hi on Instagram @vonnieyoga


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