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What to do on your first visit

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete the check in process.
  • Sign in at the front desk.
  • Remove your shoes and socks, hang up your jacket and place your personal belongings in a cubby.
  • There are 2 restrooms and 2 changing rooms for your convenience.
  • Enter the yoga room quietly and pick a space for your mat.
  • Get a blanket, block, and strap from the prop stand (optional but recommended).


Yoga room etiquette

    Shoes, phones and food are not allowed in the yoga room.
  • Relax – Sit, lay, or child’s pose quietly on your mat until class begins.
  • Quiet – Respect those in meditative silence, low voices if necessary, no phones in the yoga room please.
  • Scents – Heavy oils, lotions, and perfumes, are not recommended. They get in your eyes when you sweat and make your hands and feet slippery.
  • Cleanliness – Let’s keep Good Karma clean. Wash your mat, workout clothes and towels regularly.
  • Enjoy!

What to wear

  • Comfortable, flexible clothing that hug the body.
    Not too lose or too tight
  • We let our toes go naked


Eating & Drinking

A full belly is uncomfortable during practice and may cause gas. We suggest you avoid eating 45 minutes prior to practice and we recommend 2 hours for full digestion. Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after class. You are welcome to bring water with you.


Personal Belongings

There are cubbies and coat hooks for your belongings. The manager will be at the desk or the door will be locked during class.


Mats & props

If you own a mat, bring it. If you don’t, we have mats as well as blocks, straps, blankets and pillows which you can borrow to assist you in your practice.



We offer about 30 classes per week. We recommend you incorporate a variety of classes for a well rounded practice.


Workshops and
Special Events

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, chalkboard, and web site. Watch for weekly email updates to keep you posted on the latest happenings.

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