Build Your Own Yoga Practice

Build Your Own Yoga Practice with Hanna

4 weekly Friday sessions in Novi
6:00 – 7:15pm
4 session package $100
$35 per session

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Requires familiarity with the Ashtanga practice

Become familiar with a self-lead practice and practice what you learned in Build Your Own Practice – Section I.
You will be expected to be familiar with the Ashtanga Primary Series if you sign up for this series.

You should also have an understanding of Ujjayi Breath, Drishti, Bandhas and Vinyasa.

We’ll work through each section focusing on breath, bandhas, drishti, technique and alignment.
Warm up with Sun Salutation A & B

Follow the Sun Salutations with the standing sequence

Balancing poses come next followed by the seated sequence.

Then at last we start the poses of the primary series.

The practice ends with the closing sequence and a well deserved savasana

Those who make the 4 week commitment will receive a personalized Svadhyaya (self-study) folder and extra teacher time before and/or after classes.

1st Session:
What is ashtanga vinyasa yoga, the difference from the 8 limbs of raja yoga. Learn the specifics of Surya namaskar A and B, (Sun A&B’s). Learn & practice them with the teachers guidance. Receive specific adjustments for your body, energy, strength and flexibility. With regular, consistent practice, your body will get strong and flexible safely. Your confidence will improve. Your kindness will grow. You will feel amazing.
2nd Session:
Specifics of standing sequence with assists and props.Review and practice breathing and Sun A&B’s. How we commonly miss the benefits of the pose and how to use props and teacher assists to get the most from the practice. The standing series keeps your body in alignment, works on balance, and helps strengthen your core.
3rd Session:
Intro to the seated series. Review and practice breathing and Sun A&B’s and standing postures. The first 9 seated postures open ankles, knees, hips and strengthen your spine. The next set of postures work on core strength and leg and hip flexibility. Back bending and shoulder standing with props and teachers assistance will be explained and practiced.
4th Session:
The full Practice. Review, Q&A before practice, the “full”primary, Q&A after practice.

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